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Kimberley Karavan

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Kimberley 2016 Karavan



$84,240 incl G.S.T.

Kimberley 2016 Karavan

Limited Edition


$99,990 incl G.S.T.
Kimberley 2016 Karavan Eco-Suite Signature Edition


$109,990 incl G.S.T.


DIMENSIONS Kimberley Karavan™

Travelling Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Body 1870mm

Travelling Height (mm)


(reduced to 2150mm for garage)

Height after deflating tyres for entry into garage


Wheeltrack (mm)


Ground clearance (mm)


Opened overall Length


Opened inside length


Opened inside walk height


Bed Size

2100mm x  1600mm


View towards the rear with Queen-size Bed, underbed stroage drawers, table in the extended position


Gallery with 130L fridge in the centre


2012 Master Galley Kitchen


Interior Looking to the front of the Karavan


Interior - Looking towards the Rear


Interior - Looking towards Front

2012 Energy Pack


Notes on the layout:

The Karavan can be opened up and ready for bed in minutes.
The table top can be positioned all the way out or part the way out or not at all for an open saloon area.
For a quick roadside stop, the Karavan can be opened up BUT the bed can stay in the retracted closed position. This gives access to the refrigerator, the outside BBQ and sink and most cupboards.
The bottom and top bed sheets can remain in place made up. The doonah (or quilt) and pillows are pulled to the foot of the bed when folding but remain on the bed.
The vacuum toilet residue canister in located on the drawbar in a stainless steel storge box.
The power and water hook-up is located at the rear of the Karavan.
The spare wheel is loacted underneath the Karavan in the same position as the Kimberley Kamper.
The chassis, suspension, water tank(s) are all identical to the proven Kimberley Kamper.
The generator storage locker is located on the driver's side in the rear.
Any awning poles are located in an integrated carrier in the rear.



Standard Master Galley Kitchen BBQ, Sink Internal, Diesel Cook Top, Hot Water, Toilet, External Shower and pull out Table

CD, MP3 Player with 2 Speakers, Solid Bench Tops, Stucco Hide, 220W Solar Panels

Twin Water Tank Gauge, Water Filter, 120L & 70L Water Tank and Independent Coil Spring Suspension


Limited Edition

Standard Master Galley Kitchen, Diesel Hot Water & Cook Top, Microwave. Toilet, Ext. Shower, Queen Innerspring Mattress,

Under Bed Heater, DVD, CD, MP3 Player with 2 Speakers, Solid Bench Tops

Pull Out Table, Heater system. Electronic Disc Brakes, Twin Water Tank Gauge, Water Filter

220 Water Super Thin Solar To Roof, Surge Protector & 1800 Watt Inverter, AGM Batteries 9 @ 35AH = 315AMP/Hour

120L & 70L Water Tank, Grey Tank.

Air Spring Suspension


Eco Suite Signature

Standard New Master Galley Kitchen Including Weber, Wok 14mj, Sink, Presso Coffee Maker

Diesel Hot Water & Cook Top. Queen Innerspring Mattress, Under Bed Heater. DVD, CD, MP3 Player with 4 Speakers, LED lights

Timber Drawer Fronts, Solid Bench Tops, Stucco Hide. Twin Water Tank Gauge, Water Filter. Anti Sway Bar, Draw bar Ext,

Electronic Disc Brakes, 528 Watt Super Thin Solar On Canopy, Air Conditioner Auto Climo

12volt. 6 Lithium Batteries 2 X 120AMP/H 120L & 70l Water Tank & Grey Tank and Air Spring Suspension + (on board air compressor)








Split Air-conditioner


Canvas Mesh Wall Upgrade to Bedouin Awning

$ 3,820.00

Luggage Rack – Front Mounted to Multi Box

$ 970.00

C3 Antenna suits 24" TV


Draw bar extension (X Series, Ltd Ed.& Std. Eco)

$ 550.00

WIFI communication package Next G

$ 1,890.00

Drawer Fridge 30L


Lithium battery upgrade 4

$ 4,010.00

Lithium battery upgrade 6

$ 8,040.00

DCL or Red Arc DC to DC Booster


Curtains magnetic to 5 windows (2 x Velcro)

$ 250.00

Fantastic Fan – Thermostatically Controlled, Forward & Reverse Variable

$ 820.00

Bedroom – Under Rear

$ 910.00

Universal End Wall (suits Kwick Awning


Draft skirt

$ 500.00

Fuel cell 140 ( 1600 watt) Inc. 1 X 1L fuel cartridge

$ 8,800.00

Fuel cell 210 (2200 watt) Inc. 1 X 1L fuel cartridge


Plus Registration & On Road Costs & Inc Statutory Charges

$ 1,750.00


 To create value for customers, our models are priced 15-20% less than similarly specified off-road caravan for 2 people (even though at this spec, other off-road caravans will have less than half the number of signature features of a Kimberley karavan). The value is created by building a uniform layout and customizing the options, the wheels and tyres and colour choices. This means that we can’t build custom layouts. The savings to you are significant if it meets your needs.

* Prices subject to change without notice.




Kimberley Karavan

Typical 16.5ft
Off road Caravan
on Market

Overall length



Overall Height
when travelling


(reduced to 2050mm for garage)


Overall Width

Mudguards 1950 mm
Body 1870mm


Cocoon Size prior to opening

3510mm x 1750mm

Not applicable

Liveable size
when open

4950mm x 1750mm

16.25ft long, 5 ft 10inch wide

5000mm x 2290mm

16.5ft long, 7ft 6 inches wide

Tare dry Weight



No of Axles


2, Tandem


Independent with toe adjustment,
Kimberley Kamper Swing Arms,
Coil Springs Dual bump stops,
monotube shock absorbers


Some "sugar glider"


Disc is Standard
Electronic Activation is option

12 inch Drum Electric Brakes

Toilet and Shower Recess

Vacuum Standard

Chemical Standard

External BBQ and Sink

Standard and Option


Jerry Can Holders



Monotube Shock absorbers



Stone Deflecter Shield



Hot dipped Galvanised Chassis



Hot Water Supply

Diesel Powered – 3 water sources

Gas powered – 2 water sources

Cook Top

Ceramic – diesel powered

Open gas hob



Prices subject to change without notice



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